Troglodyte Cave

The Troglodyte Cave

About a 2-3 hour hike from Anndroll is a cave inhabited by Troglodytes. Upon entering the cave there is a terrible stench the troglodytes are know for. Some torches line the walls but the number of torches dwindle the farther you go along the cave. A short way in the cave branches so that you can continue forward, or take the right or left forks.

The First Left Fork

The left fork leads to a completely dark room that smells even worse than the main tunnel. The room contained a large pile of troglodyte poop, a Gelatinous Cube, and a small deep lake. The party made epic battle with the Gelatinous Cube, having to revive Black Mage before he could be consumed by the cube, and eventually coming out victorious as the cube fell to slime.

The Right Fork

The right fork led to a small room where a group of 4 troglodytes were playing with draconic tarot cards around a table. Bovice tried to trick them by disguising himself as a troglodyte using his magic hairpick but the troglodyte mage was not fooled and battle ensued. The party killed all 4 troglodytes but Bogbeard was knock unconscious and Dinah and Black Mage were put under a sleep spell.

Troglodyte Cave

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