The fall of Ignorance

A Chance Encounter
We become the Fellowship of...Convenience! (And money making!)

Anndroll looked like a quiet little town with it’s ocean views, river boats, and the glistening lake held back by a majestic Ironwood acting as a magical dam and protecting the valley below. Looks however can be deceiving.

The party met at a tavern called The Broken Anchor. Bovice was smoking green at the bar and hunting loudly for a light when one was offered to him by a half-elf named Desmona. A dwarf named Bogbeard sat quietly working on his stonework jewelry and shaking his head at the whole exchange, while the gnome called Black Mage tried unsuccessfully to climb a stool to get a drink at the bar. When he finally managed to get one it was not the drink he ordered (THE BLACK MAGE) but just plain whiskey in a pint glass. As he sat down at a table, he was approached by a human bard named Dinah who saw him glare down the bartender so effectively for making the wrong drink that he scared him into dropping a glass. She enlisted his help in creeping out the bard who was currently performing so that she could play and hopefully make enough money for a meal and bed that evening. After successfully running the other bard off the stage, Dinah started playing and made a modest handful of coins while Bovice danced to her tune. As the night started to dwindle down Dinah, Desmona, and Bovice got into a discussion about the some issues this troglodytes that they had overheard. The decided to band together to make some quick money. Dinah suggested they bring Black Mage and Bogbeard into the fold.

To be continued!


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