The town of Anndroll has a very diversified geography. On one side of the town lies a sea with a flourishing seaside bazaar and fishing industry. On another side of town are mountains with a river running down. The river is blocked by a dam made by a giant tree forming a lake, but still splitting off 2 rivers that run through the town. The town is mostly residential but still gets plenty of tourism. The town is divided into a row of homes on one side of a river, 2 rows of homes in between the two rivers, and another row of homes on the other side of the river.


The Primary form of transportation in Anndroll is taking boats down the rivers. Several bridges span the river for those interested in walking or needing to cross to the other side without hiring or renting a boat. There are also platforms for getting off the boats or simply weaving your way across the river to avoid the bridges.


The Broken Anchor Tavern
Anndroll City Hall
Seaside Bazaar
Troglodyte Cave

Troglodyte Problems

Of late the town of has been plagued by troglodyte invasions from a nearby cave in the mountains. The Troglodytes have stolen random residents, livestock, and a Priestess of the Green from a nearby temple. Although the town has sent 2 different mercenary groups and a number of city guards to rid the town of these lizardfolk, the mercenaries did not return, and numerous guards were lost to the point were the city can’t spare anymore. A reward of 500 princes per person has been offered by the Mayor and good fortune for rescuing the Priestess of the Green from the temple. There are also rumors of the troglodytes having some sort of exotic pet.


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